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Spousal Support Advocacy Backed By Decades Of Experience

The spousal support arrangement after a divorce plays a big difference in your financial stability. If you do not receive adequate support, then you may find yourself struggling to make a new life for yourself. If you end up paying your ex too much, you may not have enough left over to provide for your own needs.

At Russell W. Ray, PLLC, our lawyer knows how important a fair spousal support agreement is. For decades, our attorney, Russell W. Ray, has advocated for the rights of divorce clients throughout Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County and Prince William County.

How Does The Commonwealth Of Virginia Handle Alimony?

Parties in a divorce have the option of negotiating a spousal support arrangement privately. However, if negotiation or mediation does not work for you, the matter will proceed to trial.

The factors the court will consider in determining spousal support include the needs and financial resources of the parties; the standard of living established during the marriage; the duration of the marriage; the age and physical condition of the parties; the decisions regarding employment, education and parenting arrangements made by the parties during the marriage; the circumstances of dissolution of the marriage, and more.

To learn more about this and get more information, feel free to speak with attorney Ray.

Fighting For Fairness And Reducing Stress

As a divorce attorney, Mr. Ray has a record of excellent outcomes in spousal maintenance cases. He has extensive knowledge in this area to ensure that you receive an equitable spousal support amount.  When feasible, he will use alternative dispute resolution to minimize conflict – especially if you have children.

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Whether you must pay spousal support or you need to receive it, you can turn to Russell W. Ray, PLLC, for assistance. Please schedule your free, confidential consultation today by calling our Springfield office at 703-935-4634. You can also send us an email.