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Facilitating Military Divorces For Virginia’s Servicemembers And Spouses

Going through a divorce as a servicemember or a military spouse is very challenging. There are laws and regulations that apply to your divorce that do not affect other couples. At Russell W. Ray, PLLC, our divorce attorney has the in-depth knowledge of military law that you need.

Russell W. Ray has decades of experience handling military divorces for both active and retired military couples. He works with you closely to arrive at equitable solutions that empower you to move forward with your life.

The Knowledge You Need Of Military Law

Mr. Ray understands the many confusing and nuanced laws that govern military benefits, pay, divorce and more. He knows how the regulations apply to your particular situation. Just a few of the issues he assists with include:

  • Military retirement benefits and the 10/10 rule
  • The Survivor Benefit Plan
  • Military disability benefits
  • Continuation of TRICARE health insurance
  • Parenting plans that account for annual training or deployment

Mr. Ray is well-versed in federal laws that may apply in a military divorce. For example, the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act protects the rights of active duty personnel when divorce or custody proceedings are initiated while they are deployed away from Virginia.

You can speak with him about what to expect from your asset division arrangement, child custody order and other pertinent issues.

Reducing The Stress Of A Military Divorce

The life of a servicemember or spouse is already intensely stressful. Mr. Ray strives to reduce the strain on your life by providing comprehensive service. Because his law firm is small, you always receive his one-on-one attention plus detailed updates about any developments in your divorce. Allow him to handle the legal details while you serve our country, raise your family and focus on your own career.

Learn More About Military Divorce By Making An Appointment

Are you ready to move forward with your military divorce? Please contact our military divorce lawyer today. We offer free consultations. Make yours by calling 703-935-4634 or by using our online contact form.