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Representation You Can Rely On During A Divorce

Whether you are considering a divorce or you or your spouse has already filed, it is time to seek counsel from an attorney who can navigate the process for you. In the storm of a divorce, you will find reliable counsel at Russell W. Ray, PLLC.

Founding divorce attorney Russell W. Ray has decades representing the people of Northern Virginia in divorce law and family law cases. He will sit down with you one-on-one to give you realistic expectations of what the process and the outcome will look like. Along the way, he educates you on your rights and options so you can make informed decisions.

Knowledgeable And Fair – But Assertive

For decades, our law firm has earned a reputation for excellence in family law counsel. We understand how overwhelming a divorce can seem. Our divorce lawyer serves as your knowledgeable guide and tenacious advocate in matters such as:

  • Separation agreements: Virginia does not recognize legal separation, but we can create a legal agreement to protect your rights if you are still married and not living together.
  • Property and debt division: Your financial security is at stake in a divorce. We understand the importance of an equitable asset division arrangement, particularly in divorces that involve businesses or substantial assets.
  • Custody arrangements: The primary concern of a parent going through a divorce is how often you will get to see your children. Our child custody lawyer advocates steadfastly for your rights as a parent while also putting your child’s best interests first.

Russell W. Ray explores alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or negotiation to help you avoid a trial, if possible. As needed, he also regularly tries complex divorces in courts throughout the state.

Discuss Divorce With A Fairfax County Lawyer Today

Trustworthy and tenacious divorce representation is not far. Please call 703-935-4634 or send us an email to set up a free initial consultation with our Springfield law office. We can also serve you if you live in Prince William County or elsewhere in Northern Virginia.