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Preparing for child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Child Custody

When parents begin to navigate a separation, they may be concerned about how the situation will affect their children. In some cases, both parents may want primary custody of the kids. If parents can’t come to a suitable child custody agreement, a trial may ensue. A court trial can be worrisome and intimidating, to say the least. Here are some ways parents in Virginia can get prepared before heading into a child custody hearing.

Document everything

To win a child custody case, a parent must prove to the judge that gaining custody is in the best interest of the children. Daily interactions with children and parenting skills will be thoroughly examined by the judge. The parent will need to provide witness testimonies and documentation to prove that sole legal custody is the best option conerning the kids. Those who are seeking custody could benefit by keeping detailed and consistent records to show the judge that he or she is able to nurture and care for the children.

Proving the better parent standard

Parents who are seeking custody need to prove to the courts that they are the better parent for the kids. Some recommended ways to do this are to keep records of daily activities with the children and attend school activities like plays and parent-teacher meetings. It is also helpful to encourage kids to attend family and church activities, spend quality time with the children and be the parent who takes care of dentist or doctor visits.

Always remember that this is for the children. Never try to take the other parent to court out of spite, as this will only end up hurting the kids. Parents in Virginia who have questions or want more information about child custody hearings may want to speak with a legal representative. A family law attorney can answer difficult questions and help any parent get prepared for a child custody trial.