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Discussing divorce, child custody with kids can be tricky

Being a parent often means putting the needs of the children before one's own. Even if Virginia parents feel emotionally vulnerable themselves after deciding to divorce, they know that the situation can be even more difficult for their children. As a result, they may have to find ways to put their emotions aside to talk to their children about the divorce and child custody.

Remaining civil could help with child custody arrangements

No parent wants their decisions to negatively affect their children. Still, many Virginia parents may worry that getting divorced and having new child custody arrangements will have negative impacts on their kids. While it can certainly take time to adjust, parents can help make the transition easier for everyone involved.

The role of therapy in helping children get through divorce

Regardless of the ages of children whose parents are getting divorced in Virginia, the emotional toll that such a significant change in the family dynamic creates, can undoubtedly affect them in numerous ways. While children are resilient in many ways, they often require committed love and understanding in being able to overcome the challenges associated with divorce. 

What if your ex-spouse wants to move with the kids?

It is perfectly natural for you and your ex-spouse to want to move on after your divorce. Yet if part of them moving on includes moving away from Alexandria, that could no doubt impact your relationship with your children. If they have sole custody and your only have visitation rights, them moving could potentially limit the already limited access you have to your kids. Even if you share custody, a relocation could place a hardship on you when it comes to custody exchanges. What rights, then, in mitigating the impact of your ex-spouse moving away with your kids?

Joint custody may benefit your children

It is often a challenge adjusting to new living arrangements in Virginia without your children. If you and your spouse have separated, you may find yourself in the midst of a custody battle, even if the split has otherwise been uneventful. At Russell W. Ray, PLLC, we often help clients negotiate custody and visitation agreements for the best possible outcome.

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