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A peaceful high asset divorce is possible

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Divorce |

Even millionaire and billionaire couples can be civil to each other as they realize their marriages are coming to an end. For instance, when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his now former wife Mackenzie announced they were calling it quits, everyone knew this would be a very public high asset divorce; however, the two managed to keep it amicable in front of the world’s watchful eyes. Virginia couples who are facing their own complex divorces could also find that the dissolution of their marriages can be attained without fighting.

New approach toward divorce

Fortunately, Bezos and other wealthy couples, like Bill Gates and his former wife Melinda, are approaching divorce in a new way. They focus on the really important issues, such as property division, and do so without undue bitterness. Of course, these couples don’t go it alone, and each person benefits from the advice and guidance of financial professionals who can ensure their protection, as well as obtaining advice from attorneys.

Separate experts

Couples who have shared financial planners, accountants and lawyers would do well if one person agreed to find new help. It might be wise for each person to enlist the help of a fiduciary adviser who works from the client’s perspective. Whomever each person chooses, it’s crucial the professional prioritizes the client’s long-term best interests over all else.

Filing for divorce involving a high level of marital assets in Virginia may seem like a challenging and stressful prospect. Those who choose to work with an experienced lawyer as well as financial professionals may be able to reach an agreeable settlement. It will seem less overwhelming and can significantly increase the results of achieving the best possible outcome when having a capable team on one’s side.