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High asset divorce: How bad are your marital problems?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Divorce |

Often the stakes are high when a couple chooses to end a marriage. Spouses experience challenges in their relationships from time to time, but for those couples in Virginia who have a lot on the line financially, going through a high asset divorce can have many challenges. So, it’s crucial for couples dealing with marital difficulties to assess whether those issues are temporary or whether their marriages are irreparable.

When two people work in tandem to maintain the relationship, chances are the marriage will withstand most issues that crop up. For couples who have many assets, some issues may be magnified such as one partner feeling more empowered than the other. When there is a lot to lose upon the dissolution of a marriage, it may be even more important to ask some pointed questions before making the decision to divorce.

Are the emotional needs of each person being met? Is each person on the same page as the other regarding core values? Is there a mutual give and take? Would life feel better without the other person in it? Is there still a physical connection and does each partner really listen to the other?

If the disconnect in the marriage is insurmountable, the best choice may be to divorce. There may be too many hurdles to jump. It may be time to discuss a divorce settlement.

If all avenues have been exhausted to repair the issues in a marriage and partners find themselves in the midst of a high asset divorce, it may be best if both people seek the guidance of independent legal counsel. A Virginia attorney experienced in divorce cases where there are many assets on the line, may be able to offer prudent advice. A high asset divorce can be complex and needs the acumen of a lawyer who has experience with significant assets such as real estate, businesses, investments, art work and other valuable property.