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Tips for parents with a joint child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Child Custody |

When parents in Virginia decide to separate, one of the most common areas of concern is who gets custody of the children. Without question, parents should cooperate and work together to come to a child custody agreement that serves the best interest of the children. Although both parents may want primary custody of the children, the best arrangement for the well-being of the children is often a joint-custody arrangement. Here are a few helpful tips for parents who have a joint custody agreement.

In order for any parenting arrangement to be successful, both parties need to be respectful. Always show a willingness to cooperate and never talk negatively about the other parent, especially in front of the children. True joint physical custody is a 50/50 custody arrangement, so this means children will be going back and forth between both homes. To make this transition a little easier, it is recommended that parents live no more than 20 miles apart.

It goes without saying that, in today’s world, economic support is a big concern. It’s very important for both parents to share the financial responsibilities of raising the children. Without a doubt, children are expensive, so both parents need to share the costs of school expenses and extracurricular activities.

Joint custody agreements should always have the best interest of the children in mind. Making this type of child custody agreement work as intended requires communication, cooperation and equal participation from both parents. Parents in Virginia who have questions about child custody could benefit by contacting a knowledgeable legal representative. A seasoned attorney can provide legal guidance to help parents navigate their situations.