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Why many Virginia spouses file for divorce

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Divorce |

When you first started noticing problems in your marriage, you may have done what many Virginia spouses do: Turned to a friend for guidance or picked up a few self-help books on marriage. Perhaps, you and your spouse went to counseling together but ultimately decided it wasn’t helping you resolve the issues. On your wedding day, you no doubt had dreams of being together for a lifetime. No one could predict that you might now be headed for divorce.

Many factors can significantly impact your marriage or may influence your decision as to whether you should file for divorce. For instance, studies show that the younger you were when you got married, the likelier you might be to end the relationship at some point. Also, if you or your spouse comes from a family where your own parents divorced, it increases the likelihood that you might do the same. This is why, if you’re considering going separate ways, it’s critical to build a strong support network from the start.

Education and money are important factors as well

Did you and your spouse both go to college and receive degrees in your chosen fields of study? Maybe one of you went to college but the other ended his or her formal education after earning a high school diploma. Level of education appears to have significance regarding marriage longevity. Statistics show that the higher level of education, the lower the risk for divorce.

Maybe you have a PhD. Does that mean you are guaranteed never to divorce? No, it doesn’t. In fact, every marital relationship is unique. No one can predict whether you and your spouse will be able to ride out every storm or whether something might happen that you determine has had an irreversible effect on your marriage.

What comes next?

Many Virginia spouses would rather divorce than stay in an unhappy marriage. If you and your spouse constantly fight over your kids, finances or your career, you may decide you’ve had enough. Your personal reasons for wanting to go your own way are not as crucial to your case as knowing how to protect your rights and financial interests in court. If you have children, your top priority is ensuring you can negotiate a parenting plan that helps them cope and move on with as little stress as possible.

If you have a trusted friend, extended family member or co-worker, you can rely on them for emotional and practical support as you navigate proceedings. You can also seek support from someone who is well-versed in Virginia divorce laws, especially property division guidelines.