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How does property division affect a lawsuit settlement or award?

Getting a divorce can raise many questions that some Virginia residents may not have considered before. In particular, when it comes to property division, individuals may wonder what belongs to whom and whether specific assets will be divided during the legal proceedings. If one party received a settlement or award from a lawsuit, the other party may wonder whether he or she is entitled to a portion of the funds.

Virginia property division: Is your spouse hiding assets?

You've likely heard the saying that all is fair in love and war. Marriage can sometimes feel like both. If you're one of many Virginia spouses who are contemplating divorce, you might relate to others in the past who determined their relationships were more like war than love, so they decided to move in life without their spouse. The problem is, not everyone plays fair in divorce.

How to handle living with an ex during divorce

In many cases, when individuals decide to end their marriages, finding alternative living arrangements is not always immediately possible. As a result, some Virginia residents may have to continue living together even though they have made the decision to divorce. This can certainly become a tricky situation to navigate, which is why it is best to prepare.

High-asset divorce may take longer than other cases

When Virginia residents and those elsewhere decide to end their marriages, they often want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Of course, try as they might to move matters along, divorce can take time. The exact amount of time will depend on numerous factors pertaining to a specific case.

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