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Prenups can offer divorce protection but still need to be fair

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Divorce |

Being handed a prenuptial agreement could come as a shock to some Virginia residents. They may worry that their future spouse thinks that they will divorce or that something else is wrong with their relationship. While a prenup does not necessarily point to a relationship issue, individuals should still carefully look over such a document before signing.

Prenups are intended to protect the parties involved from certain difficulties that could arise during a divorce. However, these agreements are supposed to be fair for both parties. As a result, if one party creates a prenup with terms that favor him or her more significantly than the other party, it may be wise to pause before signing. Boundaries are not necessarily negative, but it is important that those boundaries are not detrimental to the other party.

Fortunately, individuals can negotiate prenup terms and help protect themselves, even if their future spouse has already had an agreement drawn up. Some people may immediately realize that certain terms seem too extreme, such as wanting the other party to give up rights to spousal support, but others may not see the problems as quickly. Seeking advice is typically wise before signing any legal document.

Many people create prenuptial agreements with good intentions but may not go about the process of presenting the document in the best way. If Virginia residents are thinking about creating prenups or have been given a prenup by a future spouse, consulting with family law attorneys is likely a smart step to take. Though divorce may not be inevitable, making sure that a prenup is fair is still prudent.