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Was your lavish wedding the start of your marital stress?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2019 | Firm News |

Beautiful weddings don’t just happen. They take planning, preparation and, in many cases, lots and lots of money. Those in wedding industries know how much a bride and groom may be willing to sacrifice for a dream wedding, and they continue to raise the bar. Before you know it, you have hired separate photographers and videographers for the wedding preparation, the ceremony and the reception. You have purchased numerous outfits for pre and post celebrations. You have bought party favors, engraved cake servers and gifts for the wedding party.

Like nearly half of all engaged couples, you likely went into debt to pay for your wedding, reception and honeymoon. In fact, you and your partner may have had disputes about the cost of the wedding. If you are considering divorce at this time, it is possible that you can trace the troubles in your marriage to the extravagance of your wedding.

Do you get what you pay for?

About 47% of newly married couples find themselves facing the prospect of divorce after taking on debt to pay for a wedding. Starting a marriage with wedding debt can be extremely stressful, and it may cause irrevocable damage to a young relationship. Over 75% of those couples whose weddings left them in debt admit they fought about the expense of the wedding. Less than a quarter of indebted couples agreed that the cost was worth it.

Even if your wedding was decades ago, you may still be feeling the ramifications of spending far more than you should have. This may not be limited to the wedding debt that may have forced you to delay other plans and goals, but the disparity in financial philosophies that have led to countless arguments over money.

Enough is enough

You and your spouse may have considerable assets, but it is possible that money is a source of contention that has existed since you began making those plans for the perfect wedding. If you have had enough of the tension, you may be considering ending the marriage. You would be wise to reach out for legal advice.

Disputes about money will certainly spill over into your divorce, and you will want to be sure you understand your rights according to Virginia law and that you have the best opportunity for obtaining your full and fair share of marital assets.