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Is gaslighting emotional abuse?

Gaslighting is a manipulative behavior that is akin to emotional abuse when it takes place within a marriage. It involves lying and other behaviors that call into question a spouse's sense of reality, which can be very disorienting. Identifying emotional abuse is difficult for many people, especially when they're in the midst of a troubled relationship. Psychology Today explains the effects of gaslighting and how you can identify it in your marriage. 

How to tell if your spouse is hiding assets

Sometimes, a spouse will hide financial assets before or during a divorce. This is done in an attempt to avoid splitting the assets during the divorce proceedings or to minimize the amount of alimony or child support that he or she may owe. People sometimes hide assets by stashing cash, deferring salary, overpaying taxes, transferring assets to a trusted person or underreporting income. While this type of activity is dishonest and illegal, there are some ways the truth can be uncovered.

What if your ex-spouse wants to move with the kids?

It is perfectly natural for you and your ex-spouse to want to move on after your divorce. Yet if part of them moving on includes moving away from Alexandria, that could no doubt impact your relationship with your children. If they have sole custody and your only have visitation rights, them moving could potentially limit the already limited access you have to your kids. Even if you share custody, a relocation could place a hardship on you when it comes to custody exchanges. What rights, then, in mitigating the impact of your ex-spouse moving away with your kids?

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