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Making sure child support payments work for you

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Child Support |

Divorcing couples with children often quickly realize that almost every aspect of their childrens’ lives require some amount of consideration. Your planning process has the potential to be overwhelming, even with attempts by legislators to simplify child support through standardization of payment calculation. Nevertheless, focusing on some of the major points could reduce conflict in the future, speed the process and safeguard the emotional well-being of everyone involved. We are ready to advise with considered, case-by-case analysis here at the Virginia office of Russell W. Ray, PLLC.

Planning for the future is often not about the minutiae of day-to-day concerns, but rather about the responsibilities you and your co-parent have regarding parenting time, financial resources and education. Following are a few of the major points in these categories.

A couples’ parenting plan during the divorce is typically the most important document when it comes the time you spend with your children. Your plan should probably contain a detailed schedule, along with terms describing how that schedule might change in certain circumstances. It is usually most efficient to consider the most frequently effective types of scheduling first: one partner having custody of kids over summer and the other during the school year, for example.

Child support determines the financial side of your responsibility. The terms of this agreement should start with a careful study of the marital property, earning potential and asset portfolio of you and your spouse. It should generally work forward from there to establish funding plans for your children’s activities in and out of school.

One of the most important aspects of both custody and support issues is a good education, including the ever-increasing cost of college. Your desire to provide for children may be complicated by future marriages, custody agreements or other issues, and should therefore usually involve case-specific analysis.

Couples with significant wealth have reason to be concerned about their children’s welfare after divorce. We work with our clients to ensure that these precious futures are safeguarded to the greatest degree possible under Virginia law. Please read more on our main site.