Are child support payments fixed for life?

In Virginia, the amount of money due in child support is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, the initial court decision may no longer be valid if the unique circumstances that led to it change. Russell W. Ray, PLLC, is here to discuss the situations in which child support payment amounts can be altered.

Child support payments are never a permanent thing due to the sheer number of deciding factors that lead to it. A judge can either decrease or increase support payments based on large changes that occur in either your own circumstances, or those of your ex-partner. Some examples of common changes that result in child support payment shifts can include promotions or raises, expensive medical bills, job loss, or the changing needs of a child.

On a whole, a supporting parent can expect to pay more if they are suddenly earning a much greater sum of money or if their ex-spouse is losing money, as is the case if your child has a sudden medical emergency or the ex-spouse gets laid off. On the other side, payments can be reduced if the supporting payment takes a hefty financial hit.

Have recent life circumstances made it so that you need to change your child support payment structure? You could benefit from the aid of an attorney, who can help you make the necessary changes to have your payments back on track. Visit our linked webpage on child support to learn more about the circumstances behind changing support payments and more.

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