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When Should You Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Divorce |


The decision whether you need a child support lawyer can be confusing. They are many reasons that may make it crucial to have a family lawyer. If you have gone through a divorce and there are issues arising, then you will need to have a lawyer that you can consult. In this article, we tell you scenarios that will need an experienced child support lawyer by your side.

Signs that You Need to Hire a Child Support Lawyer

  • The other Parent Has a Lawyer

If you know that the other parent is working with a divorce lawyer or a family lawyer regarding the children, then you need to get one. It’s important to ensure that you get child support lawyer to take up your case to avoid being caught off guard. Work with the best divorce lawyer and make sure that you provide all the information needed to make sure the case goes your way. Remember the judge will look out for the interest of the children.

  • The Case Has Become Complicated

If you had started the case and it’s becoming more complicated, then you need to get a family lawyer. In case the other parent has changed their mind about joint custody then you need to get a lawyer. Below are some scenarios that indicate the case has become complicated

  • When one parent alters the custody granted at the court
  • If you suspect the parent will convince the judge you are not a fit parent

Make sure that you get the top-rated family lawyer to take up your case if you suspect the circumstances have changed and they are likely to become more complicated.

  • You live in a Different State or country

If you live in a different state or country from the other parent, then you need to consider taking getting a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer understands the laws affecting your case, especially in an inter-jurisdictional case.

  • Your Children are in Danger

If you suspect that your children, then you need to contact a family lawyer immediately and share your concerns. You can get a restraining order immediately to secure your children. Share with the lawyer all the information pertaining to the safety of your children. Make sure that the information you provide the lawyer with is factual.

  • The other Parent is making it Hard to see the children

In case the other parent is limiting your contact with the children then you should get a child support lawyer. If you have joint custody and the other parent is canceling visits, denying visits or limit the visitation times then consult your divorce lawyer on what you should do.

  • You are Required to Participate in Parental or Treatment Classes

If the court asks you to take classes such as anger management, parental classes, alcohol treatment classes that put you at disadvantage in the child custody case. In such a situation it’s best to work with the child custody lawyer to represent you during the child custody hearing. There are however exceptions if its normal child custody proceedings in your state. Its common in some states the judge will require you to take parenting classes as standard procedure before the decision on child custody is made.

  • The circumstances in the Custody Change Significantly

If the circumstances of your case have changed then you will need to hire a child support lawyer. In case you are remarrying, or relocating its best to consult the family lawyer on the way forward. Inform the lawyer of the changes happening in your life and get advice on the way forward.

Before you Hire a custody Lawyer

  • Evaluate your financial resources

Make sure that you can afford the lawyer you are hiring. It’s important to ensure that you have the financial resources needed for the case. Ask the lawyer to give you a quotation of the expected cost before the case begins.

  • The complexity of the case

If you are facing a complex, then it’s imperative that you work with the best divorce lawyer. Interstate children custody cases are very complex, and you need to work with the best child support lawyer.

  • Consider the Reputation of the lawyer

Before you hire the lawyer make sure you check reviews. You can ask for referrals from friends and family.

It’s important to realize when it’s time to hire a lawyer. If your child custody arrangement is becoming difficult then you need to get a family lawyer to advise you on the way forward. Make sure that you work with the best to win the case.