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What Happens after Filing for a Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2018 | Divorce |


A divorce begins when one party through the divorce lawyer files a petition. The petition is filed by one spouse in the state they reside and include crucial information about the marriage. The divorce process can be tiresome and its therefore important that you have all the facts to make the process fast and manageable. It’s important that you speak to the best divorce lawyer before you file the petition and seek to understand the process. In this article, we tell you can expect after you file for a divorce.

What Happens After Filing for Divorce

  • Serving the other Spouse

Once you have decided to divorce your partner, the law requires that you serve your partner with the divorce papers. The divorce lawyer is required to serve the papers in good time. You need to ensure that the papers have been serviced in a way that can be verified because the court will require that the respondent acknowledges receipt of divorce papers. After the petition is served, the respondent is given time to respond, which is mostly 30 days.

  • Answering the Petition

On receipt of the divorce, the respondent is required to answer to the demands and provide all the answers for any questions asked. At this point, the respondent may also issue their demand. If the respondent does not answer the petition the court assumes to they agree with all the terms and the judge will issue a ruling in your favor. It’s best to work with the top rated divorce lawyer for the best outcome.

  • Discovery

Discovery involves an exchange of information between you and your spouse concerning the divorce. The divorce lawyer will confirm all the information provided and see if there are any inconsistencies. During discovery, all the issue come out including habits such as gambling, promiscuity and any money stashed away.

  • Negotiations

During the negotiation, you will sit down with your spouse and the divorce lawyers and try to work on the issues raised. If you both agreed on the issues raised an agreement is drawn. The agreement is then presented to the judge for approval and because both parties have agreed the judge will accept the agreement. In case you and your spouse don’t agree then you go to court. Make sure that the high asset divorce lawyer has all the information required to win the divorce during the trial.

  • Trial

During the trial, the couple will go through cross-examination, and the divorce lawyer can invite witnesses. The high asset divorce lawyer will also present documents to support your case. The judge is expected to give a ruling on the divorce and how the assets will be shared

  • Uncontested Divorce

If both parties agree on the terms set out in a petition, then divorce is known as uncontested. An uncontested divorce is easy, cheap and saves you time and anguish. The military divorce lawyer will file the settlement agreement, and the divorce is granted.

The above steps give a guideline on how a divorce process begins and ends. Make sure you have the best lawyer y your side.

Advantages of Filing for Divorce Before your spouse

Unexpected divorce filing from your spouse can be shocking and cause a lot of anguish. In this section, we look at the advantages of filing for divorce before your spouse does.

  • You can get legal representation in good time.

Being the first to file for divorce gives you an undue advantage over your spouse. You have time to consult the best divorce lawyers on the best way to tackle your divorce. You can get and work with top rated divorce lawyers

  • You have time to gather all the documentation

Being the first to file for divorce gives you time to get all the documentation. You have time to follow up on bank statements, tax returns, insurance policies, and retirement benefits.

  • You can gather enough funds

Once you begin thinking about the divorce process, you have time to ensure that you get enough funds for the process. It’s important to have enough money to hire the best divorce lawyers. If you don’t have a credit card, you may need to get one.

  • You have time for research

Being the first one to file for divorce gives you time to research on all the issues as may be requested by the divorce lawyer. You have ample time to verify all the documents before serving the petition documents.

It’s crucial that you understand the divorce process. Make sure that you work with the high asset divorce lawyer and provide all the documents that may be required for a successful process.