Legal Separation Agreements In Virginia

The two issues that most often concern people contemplating a divorce who come into our Fairfax County, Virginia-based law firm, Russell W. Ray, PLLC, are the time it will take to obtain a divorce and the toll the divorce process will take on their personal finances. One way to speed up the divorce process and reduce the financial costs is through a tool called a separation agreement.

Similar to any type of legal contract, you will benefit greatly from having an experienced family law attorney review any final agreement. Our lawyers can help you decide if a separation agreement is best for you, or if it would better serve your interests to contest your divorce in court.

A Separation Agreement Can Save You Time And Money

A separation agreement can help you avoid the sometimes long wait involved in contesting your divorce in court. It can determine every issue related to your divorce, including:

Virginia law allows married couples, without children, who have a separation agreement to get divorced sooner than those without an agreement.

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While we recognize the benefits of separation agreements for couples who are able to work out their differences, we stand ready to vindicate your rights in court if your spouse is treating you unfairly. Call Russell W. Ray, PLLC, today at 703-552-4028 to schedule a consultation.