Child/Parental Relocation

If you live here in Fairfax County, Virginia, or anywhere in or around the Beltway, you know that people come and go from our area with greater frequency than almost anywhere else. When one of those people is a divorced parent who wants to take his or her child along, the situation can quickly become contentious. Such cases are usually decided quickly.

Whether you want to move with your child or you want to stop your child's other parent from doing so, we at Russell W. Ray, PLLC, are prepared to act quickly and decisively for you when time is of the essence.

Virginia Law Makes Acting Fast Necessary When Dealing With Relocation

According to Virginia law, a parent intending to relocate with a child must provide the other parent with at least 30 days notice of his or her intention to move.

If your child resides primarily with his or her other parent, you must act quickly to seek an injunction to stop the parent from moving. With decades of family law experience, our lawyers know what it takes to get positive results, and they will work quickly and aggressively on your behalf.

We Will Fight On Your Behalf If You Are Deployed Overseas

Because of our special focus on military family law issues, we are familiar with the special protections the law affords to military members who are deployed overseas. If you are a military service member with custody of your child and are being deployed overseas, we will work on your behalf to protect your parental rights.

Contact our law firm at 703-552-4028 as soon as possible to speak to a skilled custody attorney if you suddenly find yourself embroiled in a child relocation dispute.